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Our mission is to help the world transition to a more fair and transparent business model - in the form of Usage-Based Pricing (UBP).

Customers and businesses alike are discovering that in addition to fairness and transparency, UBP drives the highest levels of revenue, customer adoption and satisfaction.

We spent a lot of time at AWS building and maintaining in-house tooling and infrastructure to support usage metering and on-demand metered pricing and billing.

Amberflo is the platform we wish we had.

Our Team

Our team was responsible for some of the original metered usage-based cloud services at the leading cloud infrastructure and platform providers and are currently used everyday by millions of customers worldwide.

Amberflo was founded in 2020 by Puneet Gupta and Lior Mechlovich
having built and scaled Usage-Based Products and Services at AWS.

We are backed by world-class investors

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