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What our users are saying

"Amberflo is filling a huge gap in the industry. The shift to usage-based business models is here and a developer friendly, programmable approach to delivering next generation pricing and billing solutions is the right one."

Sameer Maggon


"Building on-demand, accurate, and scalable, Usage-Based Pricing and Billing solutions is hard. Amberflo’s team has the right background and experience to solve this effectively."

Zachary Smith

Founder of Packet
Managing Director, Equinix Metal

See if Usage-Based Pricing
is right for you

Start with modeling pricing scenarios and revenue impact using Amberflo. Let data and insights
guide your decision

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Gather Usage Intelligence independent of pricing and billing

Start with Amberflo Usage Metering Service independent of pricing and billing. Gather real-time data
and insights on customer usage.

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Usage Metering
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Usage Metering

Meter any infrastructure, platform, application or custom resource or feature. We provide an end-to-end usage data and consumption data infrastructure that serves as the system of record and single source of truth.

Our Metering Data Infrastructure is a fully managed, full featured platform for usage instrumentation. It comes with a rich set of APIs and language specific SDKs that manage idempotency, deduplication, batching, and flushing.

Just send usage meters and leave the rest to Amberflo.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Usage-Based Pricing and Billing

Build modern Usage-Based Pricing Plans that delight customers.

Chose from popular pre-build usage-based models such as Per-Unit, Overrage, Volume, Tiered, Multi-Attribute.  Pricing Plans come with full lifecycle management from creation, change management, deprecation and automatic transitioning of customer accounts.

Generate accurate, real-time, on-demand Invoicing and Metered Billing.


Real-time Usage and Revenue Explorer

Just like the leading cloud service providers, Amberflo provides rich set of real-time usage and revenue explorer capabilities. Operate your business like the major cloud providers do with real-time usage and revenue data at your finger tips.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Drive and Lead with Product-Led Growth

Be alerted to changes in usage and revenue. Eliminate usage or overage surprises.

Set limits and receive real-time alerts and notifications. Proactively formulate customer engagement sales plans to drive product adoption and customer satisfaction.

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